Who We Are

Our Story

I am the product of an Army father. During his 30 years in the Army, we lacked nothing while growing up. We may not have had the best by some people’s standards, but we had the best our money could buy.

Being like many kids, I didn’t think my father knew what he was talking about. It turns out, that even though my father only had a high school education, he was a lot smarter than many college graduates when it comes to the things that really count. I now understand the statement “the smarter you get the dumber you become.” My father understood the difference between owning your lifestyle and financing it.

There was one thing my father accomplished that I did not realize until later in my life: he defined what type of lifestyle he wanted and lived it. When he retired, his retirement plan was big enough to maintain his lifestyle.  When he passed away, he was able to leave my mother enough to maintain her lifestyle.

That is the focus of Mims Financial Group: to help individuals own their lifestyles. Looking back now, I can see that while Mims Financial Group was originally started as a life insurance brokerage, it has evolved into what it was always meant to be: a lifestyle brokerage.

Where We Are Now

After 10 years of failures and successes, we have a solid system that is changing people’s lives and mindsets concerning money. We understand that one person can not do everything alone, so we have created partnerships with others that share the same desire to help individuals own their lifestyle.

We have strong partnerships with a wide range of professionals to help our clients as they transition from financing to owning their lifestyle, including: an Estate Planning Attorney, Bankruptcy Attorney, Tax Preparer, Financial Planner, Business Coach, Home/Auto Insurance Broker and Health Insurance Broker.

A generation is not changed by the giving of things.  Creating a legacy is accomplished only through a transfer of knowledge and a process for applying that knowledge. Without these critical elements, a legacy is a simply a DREAM.

Our Core Values

  • Listening to our clients to have a clear understanding of their desired lifestyle
  • Financially Educating our clients
  • Understanding and exceeding client expectations
  • Demonstrating integrity and honesty in all relationships
  • Accepting responsibility and being accountable
  • Seeking continuous improvement and personal renewal
  • Embracing innovation, and being open to change
  • Enjoying the journey

Your Story

So, enough about us. How can we help you achieve your desired lifestyle?