Do you own or finance your lifestyle?
Do you own or finance your lifestyle?

While we all know we live in a capitalistic society, only a few understand what that really means.

For example, most kids I know want to have a career professional sports but no one is talking about owning a professional team. As a player you can be replaced and lose money. As an owner you get paid to be replaced.

I like the latter option better.

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We understand that a generation is not changed by the giving of things,
but instead, of knowledge and a process in which to use that knowledge.

If not, then it is a simply a dream

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  • John Q.Durham, NC

    Working with Carlos has given me results beyond my expectations. He really helped me see how I was financing my lifestyle instead of owning it – and more importantly showed me how to change the path I was on.

    " John Q.Durham, NC